There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others.  We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

John Florey | SAMA Labs President

That’s a pretty long story, but simply put is; effort and attitude. As cliche as it sounds, nothing comes easy. Before we launched SAMA Labs to help other people with Digital Marketing, we spent the previous 5 years learning how to do it for ourselves. Someone I’ve been fortunate enough to call a friend and mentor, Thomas De Sernia founded SA Company to monetize a passion and a hobby (and also get out of Dental School). Through a relentless desire to be successful but always bring value to people, the brand was able to scale through incredibly hard work and determination. Read more>>

Shelby Bettencourt | Balayage Specialist & Salon Owner

Walking into a hair salon can be intimidating. Let’s face it, you’re there because you need your hair done, the process usually takes a few hours and sitting in front of a mirror with a full head of foils isn’t typically your best look. So with all that being said, making my guests feel comfortable has always been my number one proiorty. I have walked into restaurants here in miami and felt judged from the wait staff and servers making my night out on the town a little less fun. I can only imagine how I would feel if I had roots and brassy hair. Every guest who walks into Makers Loft should feel like they just walked into their favorite spot. Read more>>

Erika Caiaffa | Floral Designer

Sheila Echazabal | Master Lash & Brow Artist

Want me to be direct? Me. I am one of the most important factor behind my business and its success. I’m the one that puts the work in day in and day out! Push myself a little more than i did yesterday, just to keep the business going. I have gotten to where i am today though hard work. I worked non-stop my first year, till this very day. I wear so many different hats on a day to day basis, some days i need to be CEO at the bank than a customer service rep after work when someone is inquiring about lashes/Brows or my least favorite, an accountant at the end of the every month. All those things and more while still trying to maintain and service my clients. It’s not easy what so ever but it possible, i’m proof of it. Read more>>

The most important factor is being consistent, having confidence & knowing who your audience is. During the consolation meeting, I take my time to understanding who they are, what they need and want to see. Also, marketing my products and services strictly towards my target audience helps ensure successful contracting. Brand slogans are also important, words that pop into people’s mind and that make them remember the services you provide. Our motto is “It’s a Vibe”, which sets the tone for who we are. Read more>>

Sandy Tocci | Business Owner & Fitness Coach

“You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business.” As a business owner and entrepreneur, my biggest factor behind the success of our business is the people that we have the pleasure of serving. Over the years, my focus has always been to serve others and to do good for them. Helping others is not only good for them and a good thing to do but it also makes us happier and healthier too. Giving also connects us to others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for everyone. Read more>>

Abby Ballin | Photographer & Filmmaker

The most important factor behind my success is persistence. I believe this to be true for any line of work, especially during these uncertain times. When you hit a road block it’s important to not let it deter you. This may mean you’ll have to find an alternate route, but keeping with a forward motion toward your goal is the only sure way to lead to your success. Success to me is the pursuit of your dreams. I feel successful just in the act of striving to achieve something that is important to me. Persisting to further my dreams is how I determine my success. It’s a continuum, the only arrival is the awareness of this. Read more>>

Heidy Garcia | Medical Esthetician

OPTIMISM. Read more>>

Jose Chong | Freelance Graphic Designer

Other than the constant hunger for more, i’d say persistence would be the most important ingredient in the formula. all of the talent or ambition in the world is nothing without the persistence to keep striving to thrive. Read more>>

Julia Daviy | Founder

I would say that the most important factor behind my achievements and the success of my brand is the drive, determination, and love for knowledge. The driving force is my purpose, my “Why” that helps to find the energy to move forward, dream about things that many consider impossible, and implement them step after step. I realize that success does not come overnight; you need to obtain the best skills and knowledge in what you do and be persistent. Many years ago, I realized that the sizeable polluting fashion industry would not be able to transform into the sector with zero negative impact on people, animals, and the planet using the existing manufacturing methods, business, and behavioral models. Read more>>

Shante’ Haymore-Kearney | Trauma-Informed Wellness Professional & Non-profit Professional

The most important factor behind my (and my brand’s) success is listening to my intuition and filling a need within my community and within the wellness industry as a whole. When you are blazing a path, there may not be many examples to follow, so it is even more important to learn to listen to your own inner voice and trust yourself. For me, that has also meant taking imperfect action to learn and grow along the way. Meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices have been incredible tools that enable me to build my inner resilience and to move forward through doubt and challenges and innovate from a heart-centered, spirit-led space. Read more>>

Jarling Perez | Event Planner

The most important thing I have learned in my years in business is the importance of integrity. Although there are some other important factors behind our success with BELLA QUINCES such as passion. authenticity, communication skills, responsibility & patience because “Good things come to those who wait.” Read more>>

Miguel Global | Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

The details. The attention I give to the slightest detail has allowed me to thrive in a variety of ways, most importantly, in being efficient where others have lost footing. Read more>>

Kristina Rodriguez | Founder

I truly believe the most important factor behind the success of the garden beds is the ability to believe in your potential and your purpose. It’s the ability to pursue your greatest passion. It’s the ability to believe that you can make an impact and change the world. You have to have faith in yourself and the journey that unfolds in front of you. You have to have faith in humanity that people can come together and create this community out of wanting better for the future. You have to believe in a better future even if it doesn’t exist yet. Read more>>

Rich Best | President, Team South Florida Law Enforcement Charity

Being true to our word. For years we have heard families of fallen Law Enforcement Officers told at funerals that they will never be forgotten. All too often though we hear from loved ones that they feel like they have been forgotten. Being a small 100% volunteer non-profit organization, we have to remain focused on being able to accomplish all of our initiatives and goals on a limited budget. We are only successful for three reasons: 1) Being afforded the honor, privilege, and opportunity families and co-workers provide to us so we can assist in any small way possible, 2) Because of the hard selfless work our volunteers provide, 3) Because of the kindness and generosity of our supporters enabling us to accomplish so much. Read more>>

Justina Jefferson | Mogul, Entrepreneur, Licensed Cosmetologist & Podcast Host

The most important factor behind my brand I believe is transparency. I am so honest when it comes to sharing where I started, how I have failed and how hard the journey truly is. It all starts with believing in yourself, surrounding yourself with friends and family who believe in you and support you to the fullest, even on the hard days where you don’t support yourself. I share absolutely everything with my friends, family, people who ask me about my journey and my clients. I think there’s something so humbling about being raw, transparent and honest with those who support you. Allowing them in to see the whole journey, is really important to me. Read more>>

Kori Ascher | Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Doctor & Founder

If pressed to identify one factor as the most important to overall success, it would have to be passion. Persistence, enthusiasm, determination are all derived from my passion towards my mission. Success must be understood correctly. Success does not mean money, fame, or power. Success means a feeling of accomplishment for the efforts you invested towards a goal you have set for yourself. For me, my goal is to not only treat those with chronic lung disease & sleep disorders as their physician, but also to raise awareness within the general community for these topics using the organization I founded Just Breathe Miami. Read more>>

Passion “P-Say” Roosevelt | Actress, Playwright, Filmmaker & Acting Coach

The most important factor behind my success is knowledge. I always put myself in a position to learn more. You can never overload on knowledge. Things are always updating and changing so I make sure to stay in the loop. Plus learning a new skill ever so often helps expands your brand. Read more>>