Starting and growing a business is hard, but often deciding to start the business in the first place is even harder. We asked some successful entrepreneurs from around the community to open up to us about how they thought about starting a business.

Cassandra Fitter | Small Business Owner & Fitness Coach at Fitter LLC

In the beginning stages of each chapter while bringing my business baby to life mainly positive thoughts crossed my mind before, during and after starting my own fitness coaching business Fitter LLC. Some included understanding I have a limitless potential to reach new heights of success while simultaneously making a positive impact transforming the minds, bodies and spirits of others. I knew it would mean opting to take the road less traveled, but I quickly realized that it would all be worth it. I quickly realized that taking the risk of betting on myself, working day in and day out creating a future I was proud of would make me genuinely passionate about getting up to put in the work daily on my dreams. Read more>>

Devi Ramprasad | Influencer, Media Personality, and Entrepreneur

Devi Khanna Ramprasad is proof that age is not an excuse for not going after what you want. At just 13 years old, Devi experienced entrepreneurship in its entirety, from branding, promoting, customer service, supply chains, profits, losses, TV, and community appearances. She boldly faced a rebranding when her business was no longer fueled by passion and used the knowledge she learned along the way to recreate herself and intentionally design her young life, all while navigating middle school. Alright, so let’s jump right in and learn more about the journey you’re on!  Read more>>

Olina Rose | Celebrity Manicurist, Salon Owner, Entrepreneur

My thought process behind starting my business’s stood on 3 main goals. 1: to empower and employ black women 2. to invest in and be a pillar in the community 3. to be an example of success to inspire others. Read more>>

Albert Hern | Albert Hern

My father was originally in the dental industry, creating dental pieces. One day he tried to craft a gift for my mother (a ring) and he found out that the principles of what he used to do in odontology were really similar to jewelry. He worked for important people but never for himself, so I thought that as a family
why wouldn’t we have a family business where he can show to the world his passion for jewelry? Inspired by my mom, a happy and passionate woman who liked to wear jewelry every day, we wanted to provide more color and shine to this world. Jewelry is a way to let each individual show their personality in every outfit and carry their special memories through meaningful jewels. He was the heart and I was the energy. Read more>>

Yeisy Tome | Chiropractor

I always dreamed of helping others as much as possible, owing my own business gives me the advantage and the opportunity to do so. My field consist of treating all kind of patients in need of any kind of physical rehabilitation and wellness care. YKTC Chiropractic Clinic named originated from my name incorporated with the medical field that I chose to pursue. Read more>>

Glendy Rocha | Lifestyle Branding & Event Photographer

Ever since I can recall I have always liked to sell things starting at an early age I was always very creative and artsy, took my camera everywhere we went and tried to capture everything I could because there is so much beauty in everything. I had no idea that taking picture of my barbies at 10 years old would eventually turn into capturing moments for friends, family and strangers that became like family. Read more>>

Locianna Blackwell | Nurse Practitioner & Owner of HYDRATION Experience

My thought process behind starting my business was the need to find ways to improve the health and wellness of people during Covid and ways to boost immunity. As a Board Certified Autonomous Nurse Practitioner, I know there are so many viruses we fight off every day, and when your body is run down, dehydrated or immune stagnated, you become more susceptible to disease and virus. Finding a natural way to assist your body (along with pharmacotherapy) by using IV therapy, I can give you a higher dose and you receive 100% of the vitamins and supplements given. I call it Natural. Health. Awareness. Read more>>

Mariel Rosefield | A Lifestyle Movement – #STAYGROUNDED

When the thought process came to mind for Groundedco I wanted to create a brand that was more than just an apparel brand. I wanted to create a lifestyle movement that started with women. A lifestyle brand that represented peace, love, and good vibes and one that would create community. Read more>>

Isatu Rogers | Boutique Owner and Nurse

I have always been passionate about business ever since I can remember. I love giving clients an experience than a transaction. I love the freedom and independence of being as creative as you want without the pressures of meeting a corporate goal. Read more>>

Lacey Flynn | Bombshell Hot Sauce creator/owner

I am naturally a very independent and passionate woman. I couldn’t figure out any better way to follow my passion at my own level, then to start my own business. I wanted to create a healthy, all natural flavorful hot sauce and unique brand to go with it! I was a little bit intimated behind my own thought process. My dreams are never-ending and I have longlist of goals. I knew this would take hard work, dedication and patience. Read more>>

Lakisha Sanders | Author, International Motivational Speaker & CEO of Lakisha Monea Investments, LLC

Naturally, I wanted to create a well sustained, multi-generational wealth for myself and my family. It was indeed vital that I close the racial wealth gap now and years to come. By doing this, more opportunities are created for meaningful savings, property ownership, credit building and generational wealth for the black, brown and beige communities. If I should leave before my time, it is essential that I have something to leave for my nephews. Additionally, leaving them my business would not be enough rather providing the knowledge in efforts to sustain the business, inevitably. Read more>>

Emilie Sobel | Emilie Sobel Media Inc.

I knew I always wanted to start my own business, I just thought that I would do that after I turned 30, when I was more “prepared.” I have always been pretty independent and because I went to art school, I was always looking for a creative outlet. I started my fashion blog in college as a “hobby,” something that was just for me, which ended up helping my Instagram account take off. I was slowly getting brand partnerships and campaigns, and as the years went by and I booked more work, I had to teach myself how to stay on top of my commitments, all while making sure that I was staying on top of my 9-5 job and maintaining my happiness. Read more>>

Karyn Purcell | Medical Esthetician

My career began after I was struggling with my own skin. I had extremely low-self esteem and was willing to pay anything and try any treatment as a broke college graduate to fix my skin. After visiting several skincare specialists that provided little to no skin analysis before pushing me to buy products – I realized there was a major space needed in the industry for a skincare specialist that would prioritize skin analysis and individual home treatment plans just as much as the in-spa treatment itself. I wanted to create a space where clients felt heard and not rushed in and out. So I decided while I was learning how to fix my own skin, I would work towards creating this space. While working at a facial spa during the day, I went back to school at night to become an esthetician. Once I graduated – I left my 9-5 job and pursued my dream of opening the doors to The Florida Facialist. Read more>>

Amiel Emungania | Founder of La galerie de l’Amour

What has always been the most important for me is to realize my potential. Whatever we decide to do, if it matches our potential, we’ll end up doing something great. I have always felt it burns within me, I have always known “intuitively” that happiness can only be found when we decide to have the courage to discover and pursue our potential. By “potential” I mean simply “the will to be someone, to become someone, a better version of ourselves every day and a better human being for us, our family, our friends, our colleagues, the whole world. Read more>>

Jai McCarley | Entrepreneur & Student

The idea of starting my own business came along simple & suddenly. I was shopping and I did not like any of the items I had seen. I was so dissatisfied leaving the store and wondered how many other woman feel the same way when they are going shopping. I wanted to make women feel beautiful, empowered, truly pleased. Not just satisfied. So, I said I would have to do it myself. I began piecing small ideas about what created a good business in my opinion and decided to execute from there. I wanted to create something personal, Something authentic, something that women would identify with. I feel that being able to truly build a brand worthy of connecting to was needed and I knew that I had to bring that to life somehow. Read more>>

J.P. Edwards | Pop/Hip Hop Artist – Preacher Music

It wasn’t until fairly recently that I really got serious about treating my music career with an entrepreneurial mindset. I grew up looking at music as a sort of mystical mountaintop where you either “make it” or you don’t. But today’s media climate doesn’t permit that binary. Every step of the way, fan relationship by fan relationship, artists are earning their “customers” loyalty and respect. My producer and the true other half of Preacher, Zach Lacefield, said something that has stuck with me: “Focus on forging a deep connection with our fans, and everything else will fall into place.” That statement is setting the precedent for the future of Preacher. I want to consistently find ways of connecting with people—through music, through content creation, through online interaction and engagement, and (hopefully sooner than later) live shows. Read more>>