We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Paola Arias | Brand, Personal Image and Etiquette Consultant

I think information is key. It gives you the tools to craft your brand and argument when presenting your unique proposition. In my case, I specialized in Branding and it amazes me how much we can apply to our personal brand. I am also certified in Personal Image and Etiquette being both great additions to our value.
I aim to be prepared when opportunity knocks! Read more>>

Andrea Pinto | Architect – Founder of Garaki

Five years ago, I founded Garaki, a workshop that focuses on commercial and corporative design. The one thing we do is work with everything that has a brand behind it. During this time colleagues, friends and family have come up to me and expressed that Garaki should also focus on residential design too, especially during lockdown since everyone was trying to re-create the space they were living or working at the moment. But something told me that as a designer and brand I had to continue with the one thing I had decided for Garaki. Read more>>

Logan Rae | Marketing Expert

The most important factor behind the success of Argon Agency is our company culture. We were built on grit and resilience and offer a unique advantage to our clients that most other marketing agencies neglect. Our team is comprised of young talented creatives in an environment that fosters transparency, passion and result driven mindsets. We believe in becoming uniformed with our client’s goals and assimilating the mission amongst each team we work with. I truly am thankful for the team that has come together to push this vision forward. Our work speaks for itself and my team’s dedication has 110% been the reason we have thrived. Read more>>

Alejandra & Sara | Alejandra & Sara- Co-founders of Doggizen

We believe that our most important factor behind the brand’s success is the fact we have created a brand, a community and products that are based on our personal needs and finding that they were other people’s needs as well. We have built our brand for and by ourselves. Our company’s relatability helps people feel part/involved in our growth. We are dog moms, just like all our followers, in search of places and services around Miami that welcome our girls. Read more>>

Jennifer Rosado-Hurtado | Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, Sales & Membership Manager

The most important factors behind my success is having a Positive Mindset, the wonderful connections I have met in my career path, my skills and trust. A positive mindset is a decision that only we can make ourselves. We become what we chose to do. If we engage in the same activities that positive, confident, optimistic people engage in, we will eventually become it and we can easily live our best life possible. The connections I have met and developed throughout my career path have helped me moved forward and achieved the best of life. Every major change in my life was accompanied by a person or persons who has either opened or closed doors for me. Read more>>

Joycy Ann Lacombe | Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Author

Illuminating Hope – I would say that the brand speaks for itself. The reality of Hope and the power that it has to shine light in the darkest of places, regardless of the circumstance is powerful. I have chosen to simply be an ambassador of the Hope that does exist and is available to everyone in every situation. My skills and experiences enable me to creatively build personalized onramps and bridges for people to discover the hope that does exist in and beyond their current situation and to hold space for people until they are ready to grab hold of Hope themselves. It is an honor and privilege to step into painful, scary places with my clients because I am armed with knowing there is always a way through. Illuminating Hope, the brand speaks for itself. Read more>>