We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Garrett Lee | Chef/Owner

I would say that the main habit that has helped me and is continuing to help me is 2 words…Consistency and Discipline! Whether it is making sure I create a schedule from week to week that I follow and maintain or making sure that the cake you enjoyed eating in May tastes exactly the same in December. When time got tough, and believe me they did, I found joy in knowing that the feedback from my repeat customers or “cakeheads’ as I like to refer them is that my product always tastes the same, full of flavor and nicely presented. Read more>>

Rachel Azaroff | Founder & CEO 312 Society

Embrace your energy at any point in time and work on something you are energetically motivated to do. I find when my energy is aligned and I’m in the right headspace, the task or project will flow and be relatively easy and quick. Each week, I have a set of projects to do and I complete them based on my energy. Read more>>

Sandra Rathe | CEO/Owner of the Sandra Rathe Team at Keller Williams

The most important habits that have helped me succeed are always keeping a customer focus, consistency and a never give up attitude. No matter what we encounter, if we always stay focused on how to help the customer and to work toward their end goal everything should fall into place. We have developed systems and processes for nearly everything we. By creating systems and processes it takes the guess work out of the business and keeps us always on target and on the right path. When the business arena changes or we out grow a system that we have, we make a new one. Read more>>

Elina Lo | Musician, Model, and Actress

Most might not consider this a habit, but I definitely believe me being bored easily is a learned behavior I decided to stick on and let happen. I was recently diagnosed with ADD which explains a lot, but I found myself quitting jobs, particular events, plans, etc. due to boredom, repetition, and seeing no growth. Moving forward and becoming a better version of myself is something I crave. Read more>>

Diego Errea | Events Business Owner

Forward thinking. There is not reason to dwell on mistakes or the past. Learn form them and move forward. Fast! Engaging in emotional intelligence. Putting the effort to communicate with your team, knowing what they are going through. Read more>>