We had the good fortune of connecting with Mauricio Torrescano and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Mauricio, how do you think about risk?
Risk is always present in our lives, every decision has its risk, and it can impact you life dramatically, Art is a high risk path, the prize will be wonderful when you reach the top, but only a few make it to that place. Let’s think about other careers, if you think about a lawyer, a doctor, you know that they’re respected careers and the economic revenue is good, if you want to be a doctor it takes many years to be a specialist and the people pay for your knowledge, but thinking about art, a fine artist can take more than 15 years to reach it’s development, you have to learn drawing, color theory, other techniques as watercolor, acrylics, oil, you have to learn about geometry, composition, anatomy, perspective among other subjects, so you become an artist, but it doesn’t come with respect or recognition from society right away, now you have to develop your own art style, marketing and public relations strategy that can take many years, most of the times you get this recognition late in life and some artists when they passed away. Artwork is valued not for the materials, size and technique (it plays a part of it), but most of all the value comes from the recognition the artist reach on the society, it’s subjective and it can be speculative, in a few words, the real artwork value is on the signature. If you don’t handle the pressure and the risk, you can’t be a full time artist, because you will not have all the benefits and stability you have working for companies in other careers, you don’t know if all the months you will have income. On my art career I’ve taken a lot of risks, it was difficult in the beginning, as the factors that I mentioned before and I took a riskier path, I’ve developed an art technique and style, I fuse painting and sculpture in a single material that is Plasticine (modeling clay, Plastilin) and I’d created an art style that I call Fusionism, in which different art styles, painting and sculpture, 2D and 3D fuses together in an artwork. The reason to be riskier is because it’s so different that not everyone knows about it, when you think about Plasticine, the first think that comes to your mind is your childhood, that is for kids and not a final artwork material, disposable and it will not last (these perceptions was wrong), so to begin with that it was hard to give a high value to it, the art competitions I can participate in are very limited since there is no category for it, it can’t be classified as just a painting or a sculpture since it have characteristics from both disciplines, it’s the missing link that fuses painting and sculpture in a direct single technique that was not reach before. Art dealers and Galleries manage to sell some kind of art style and technique that goes with their clients and gallery profile and since my art style and technique is different it was a challenge to fit in. So why do I do it? I can say that my whole life it’s been about art, I’ve been passionate about painting and sculpting since a very early age and I didn’t want to leave one technique out of my life, so I was thinking about it for 2 years, did some experimentation and on 1993 I achieved the technique, my artistic style is more recent because I was probing the boundaries it can have, since it’s a paste, it doesn’t flow as paint, but I found that anything is possible, even fluid textures as in abstract art, transparencies, portraits, nature, architecture, they can be absolutely flat or with volume and textures that enriches the depth of the viewer sight and the best part is that is a material that can last longer than oil paintings, since the Plasticine is made from wax, pigments and oils, it’s always flexible so it doesn’t crack, it’s waterproof, the melting point is 175° F or 65° C and in good quality Plasticine the colors are stable, I protect the final artwork with a coat of plastic lacquer so the dust can becleaned easily. On my career I’ve been working hard to show the world about this technique and I have the fortune to be a published artist with media presence on TV, magazines, newspapers, web and radio interviews, I have awards from international competitions, from Government, international celebrities and clients have my artwork, I’m the author of the book The Art of Painting with Plastilin available on digital stores for IOS and Android, where I teach how to do this technique step by step, and now I’ve found more people using the technique, and this is my ultimate goal to bring new options of creation into the art world, I can’t wait to see what other people can do with it. Contact me if you have any comments or inquiries, I’ll be glad to hear from you.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
My artwork is a fusion of what is best for me in art, it has characteristics from painting and sculpture in a direct material that is Plasticine, full of volumes and textures, my art style Fusionism have different artistic styles as abstract, impressionism, surrealism, among others into a single artwork that fuses reality with fantasy.

I believe it sets me apart from other artists, that I can’t mention an artist in art history that have created and art technique and and art style all together, fusing painting and sculpture on a direct technique was not possible, all you can find was mixed media options, With this technique I can do transparencies on a 3D surface and other special effects, so I think all this is an important contribution to art world. I can say to all the artists out there as an advise that don’t wait to be discovered and managed by someone that will take you to the top, if you don’t do it yourself, it’s hard that someone is going to knock your door and take you there, so work hard and you will get there.

I want the world to know about this technique and use it, have more options of creation, and become a standard as oil painting or another important art technique.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
I live in one of the largest cities in the world that is Mexico City, there is plenty of options to go here, something I like is to focus on art museums, and local gastronomy, there is a lot of dishes that will amaze you, it’s a city full of contrast and diversity, so you never get bored, and close to the city are many magical towns, that are heritage to the world designation made by the UNESCO, in all the country we have so beautiful natural places and diversity, that there is a lot to discover, I truly recommend it.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
First of all to my wife that is sharing with me this road and it’s been amazing, to my parents because they support all my ideas since the beginning that brings me into this path, all the fellow artists because they bring beauty into the world in many different ways, Shoutout Miami itself because you are giving support to many people to spread our work and word, and it’s a huge effort, thank you so much!

Website: http://www.torrescano.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mauriciotorrescano/
Linkedin: https://mx.linkedin.com/in/mauricio-torrescano-497a8051
Twitter: https://twitter.com/torrescanoart?lang=es
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlastilinArt/

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Mauricio Torrescano.

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