We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Jessica Estrada | Wedding Planner

I am a firm believer that to be successful you need to put in work. You need to educated yourself, prepare yourself and work on your goals. For my brand, it was simple, I knew when it came to being an entrepreneur/business professional that nothing worth having ever comes easy and you’ll need to put in time, work hard, sleepless nights and take risks. My brand has always represented professionalism, sophistication, values, attention to detail and our customer service is key. I take pride in the brand I’ve built today and only will continue to reach new heights, keep learning new creative approaches and always learn to find new ways to improve in areas we might need extra TLC. Read more>>

Debbie Wolff | Fitness and Yoga Instructor and Trainer

When I first got into my fitness career it was almost about look at me. I can move quickly ( 80s aerobics) and look good doing it. Very quickly this developed into caring about my students/members /clients . I took time to study and take many certifications to learn more about group fitness and personal training , later moving into the yoga and Pilates methodology As a trainer or instructor it is no longer about me. It is how can I help my client to achieve the best version of themselves safely and with smart training I think the success of my business as a studio brand and , more recent,y in these past few months on a virtual level, has been my personal contact with clients , my helping them and seeing them individually not just as a group, because everyone is different I stay in close contact with their needs and desires. Read more>>

Tiffany Ortiz Dominguez | Owner & Designer

I strongly believe that it’s our passion. It’s not just about jewelry for us. We’re aiming to empower and connect women through meaningfully personalized taudrey pretties, and we pour a lot of love into every action. Our strong commitment to our mission is felt and appreciated by customers. My team and I also very much strive to get personal and share our own lives with our customers. We’re genuine, even when things don’t look Instagram perfect. We want our fans to know that we’re a part of this #taudreygirl culture as we cultivate an encouraged community of like-minded females. Read more>>

Lindsay Scherr Burgess | CEO

Our team and our desire to be exceptional in this very niche space – preserved moss green walls. Everyone on the team has a growth mindset and is always looking to improve and innovate. My team comes from a really diverse background (there isn’t a school that teaches about this material and all its wonderful quirks)- so it requires a lot of flexibility and creativity. Everyone on my team is in a process of continuous learning – which doesn’t work for every kind of person. Also, our standards and pace are very high, so we truly need excellence to excel and exceed our clients’ expectations. We’ve also further carved out a niche with moss logos – which we call plant branding – which feeds into a lot of companies desire to appear more “green” without the hassle of maintenance or special lighting or watering conditions. Read more>>

Jael Roumain | Owner

The most important factors behind the success of my brand is consistency and creativity. What I realize with lots of brands is that great ideas can easily go unnoticed when they are left as uncompleted concepts. It’s important for me to be consistent in what I offer to my customers, as they expect for me to always come through with new unique ideas. Imagine your most loved brand changing the brand personality on you? That is not an option for us. My customers are very picky when it comes to styles, models, content and my brand as a whole. This is why I love giving them just what they like to see. One thing I noticed is that my shoppers love seeing me model the new styles that I drop, therefore I continue to provide that type of content to them. Creativity is also another factor behind my brands’ success. Read more>>

Simone Sobers | Creator & Founder

The most important factor behind the success of The Boss Chick Dance Workout® is the incredible, powerful network of women that make up our program. We have more than 300 certified BCDW® instructors and thousands of women across the globe that have been positively impacted by joining our #globaltwerktribe! When I first started the BCDW® program in Miami in 2013, my goal was to create a safe, welcoming, inclusive space where women would feel empowered to focus on their fitness, mental health, and overall wellbeing. I never could have imagined that Boss Chick would eventually become a major platform for women to elevate their voices, connect with other likeminded individuals, and celebrate their culture in a way that allows them to let loose, build confidence, and take a much-needed pause from their daily stressors. Read more>>

Henry Hane | Chef & Founder

I’d have to say that the most important factor behind my success is my team. I’ve always thought that the people that work for you are the most valuable and the ones that at the end of the day carry out your vision and overall hospitality feel. I truly believe that if you empower your employees and really make them feel like they’re part of all processes , they in return will provide our guests with the best experience and make sure they remember the experience and will always have them come back for more. Read more>>

Victor Jacques | Owner

My work ethic. I always strive for being the hardest worker in the room and P.R.I.D.E. myself with the effort I give everyday. With the acronym P.R.I.D.E. standing for personal responsibility in daily excellence. Success is based upon the effort you give day in and day out! Read more>>

Whitney Shashou | Founder & Educational Consultant

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is our focus on quality over quantity. We are a boutique educational advising group focused on providing the highest-quality support. We place quality over quantity in all that we do. This starts with the number of families that we work with each admissions season. In order to provide our families with full and individualized attention, we keep our roster small. This means we are able to tailor our approach to each family’s needs so that they are best set up for success. We make our client’s family a part of our family. By making deeper connections with a fewer number of clients, we cultivate security, ensure a high quality approach, and generate more referral business. Read more>>

Dr. Lisa Palmer | Founder

The 3 P’s. Passion, purpose, and productivity. Passion helps you live from the heart, develop the skills you need, take necessary risks, and see failures as steppingstones to success. Purpose gives you a reason for working hard and making it all worth it. It has to be something greater than yourself, something you offer to the world to make it better. Productivity is how you consistently manifest the expression of your skills and abilities with an unstoppable mindset, utilizing your strengths and resources, being a creative thinker, and taking every opportunity and making it into a gem. Success begins within you! Read more>>

Jay Shapiro | Magazine Publisher

Learning the value of discrimination and raising my prices!! In my business, a person must be very selective and have prices that are far higher than the competition. It goes to the old adage that it’s better to have four quarters than 100 pennies! Read more>>

Jay Scott | Art Dealer

The success of my brand, Habatat Galleries has come from vision, consistency, integrity, & quality. The gallery turns 50 years old in 2021. Our longevity has come from having a loyal customer base that trust the quality & expertise we offer them in building their art collection. They know that the artists we represent are among the best in the world at what they do. We don’t play games with our pricing and offer prompt, reliable service. Our clientele has continued to build over the years as a result of our vision. 8 or 9 years ago not many high end fine art galleries weren’t taking Instagram & social media platforms seriously. We were. As a result, we are approaching 40K followers on IG that are all organic. Because of this presence on social media, our website has 5K visitors a month. This is the type of vision you must have to keep your business ahead of the curve. Read more>>

Mariane Fahmy | Owner & Planning Director

The most important factor behind my success as a wedding & event planner I would say is Me, My brand is me it’s my love and passion for what I do, providing exceptional services, catered personally so that my clients have an experience that’s second to none. The best kinds of experience in life are the ones that leave a personal touch, or memory behind. I strive to connect and develop a relationship with each client, often by the time the event date rolls around my clients have become more like friends. This is even more important especially now with a pandemic and Covid-19 shutting down the event industry the need to be able to effectively communicate with my clients on postponing and changing schedules, keeping them calm and positive about the situation. Read more>>

Stephanie Jones

The most important factors behind my success have always been my ability to seize opportunities, fully execute plans and projects and produce high quality work for my company and clients in the spirit of excellence. The success of my brand is being known as a leader by colleagues and clients for my ability to strategically position myself and business to attract opportunities as well as my capacity to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. Read more>>

MSYJ Pronounced message | Producer & Recording Artist

I believe that attention to detail in the art process contributes heavily to the success of the brand. What are you trying to say is believed to have more impact than figuring out what rhymes with what. My artist perspective of being a black man suffering from the human condition and the impact of society and culture on my existence is reduced and reduced until the essence remains. I then use this reduced essence and present my perspective in a relatable so you can live through the moment with me. For example in the song “See the light,” for me, represents the essence of the place, person, or thing that causes some enlightenment that should resonate with you on a spiritual level. the song does this to a point where it sounds like it belongs in the gospel genre. Read more>>

Tony Beugen | Administrator & Case Manager

The most important factor behind Palm Beach Companion Care success is our Case Manager is hands on in his lightning fast text, email or phone call response time. We have a small family owned In-Home Companion Care Agency. This business model allows us to give immediate service to our clients, their children and or family members. By being extra attentive, we have our finger on the pulse of each client and their personal needs. In Senior Care, Elderly Clients condition(s) can change at a moments notice. If your too big as an agency, you cannot pivot quickly enough and give the clients the immediate attention they need. At Palm Beach Companion Care the clients and their families greatly benefit from this immediate reactive and proactive ability we have to help you and your loved ones immediately. Read more>>

Greg Young | Barber, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Community Builder

The most important factor behind my success, the success of my shop and the success of my foundation is without a doubt my sobriety. Without my sobriety, I have nothing and I know that from experience. I have been at the bottom of the bottom and the longer I remain sober and continue doing the right thing, my life gets better and better. Read more>>

Amber Schryver | Wedding and Event Planner & Designer

The most important factor behind the success and reputation of Oh My Occasions® is also what we value the most in our principles… authenticity. Being true to myself as an individual, creative, and business woman, is what has driven the passion in my brand and company. From a young age, I was infatuated with events – the elaborate production elements, the attire, the way guests were invited, the music, the details, everything! So, my success as a business is directly related to the fact that I run in with pure passion and love. I have been creating events ever since I can remember (my family would call them “Basement Broadways”). What’s important about any company is that the driving individuals are operating it not as a hobby, but out of fulfillment to their soul. Read more>>